Make your website work for you!

Branding is essential when positioning a Global Payroll Company. Expaticore looked for a way to expand the brand and we worked with designers to create custom work and a highly functional website.  Making this site work for them- literally – by creating a Lead Portal for the client was key in this engagement. The call-to-actions on the site are structured to capture visitors.  With the help of Salesforce web-to-lead capabilities, automation manages the delivery of a custom reply to the visitor, assignment to sales team member and alerts to assure real-time business development. Make your website work for you

“ Expaticore hired Kim to project-manage the redesign of our website. She did a fantastic job working with the graphics designer and website developer. She effectively coordinated our project and the result was brilliant – crisp, professional and appropriate for our market. Kim ensured the SEO was integrated well and worked closely with me to link our salesforce.com technology and social media into the site. Kim really gets how marketing on the web works and gave us great ideas along the way to improve our presence and profile.” Dave Leboff, President of Expaticore